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FTI in the News

Frontier Technology, Inc. to Expand Enhanced Military Vehicle Maintenance System

Frontier Technology, Inc (FTI) has been selected by the US Army Tank and Automotive Command to further enhance and expand the current Enhanced Military Vehicle Maintenance System (EMVMS) at the Anniston Army Depot (ANAD).  ANAD is responsible for rebuilding critical systems and components that are used by soldiers on a daily basis.  Under this eighteen month contract, FTI and its subcontractor, Auburn University, will enhance and expand EMVMS efforts to provide accurate analysis of performance characteristics and ensure systems and components are restored to an optimum state of operation prior to redeployment.  The EMVMS identifies difficult to detect failure modes during the ANAD rebuild process.  As part of this effort, FTI will investigate parameters that can reduce the number of failed components/unaccepted work and infant mortality of products delivered to the warfighter.  FTI will also perform a Business Case Analysis showing the potential benefits of applying Prognostic and Health Management (PHM) technology in a Depot environment in support of Army Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM+) initiatives.

The EMVMS is based on FTI’s NormNet® PHM technology.  The NormNet® PHM toolset uses predictive algorithms to analyze and model the expected behavior of the system being rebuilt as well as the equipment used in the rebuild process.  It then applies these models to detect and identify unusual or unexpected conditions that are indicators of potential problems or future system failures.  NormNet® PHM technology enables the EMVMS to perform fault analysis to identify high-priority failure modes and the most probable cause of a detected abnormality. The use of NormNet® PHM software ensures that the EMVMS detects hard-to-find problems during the rebuild process and that systems deployed to the warfighter meet their performance specifications and are free of defects.

FTI will manage this work from its office in Anniston, AL.

About FTI

Frontier Technology, Inc. is an engineering and information technology company helping customers to make informed decisions that improve their business operations and increase their bottom line.  FTI offers Business Data Decision Making solutions for business analysis and Operational/Sensor Decision Making solutions for operations and system performance analysis.  The company has offices in Goleta, CA, Colorado Springs, CO, Dayton, OH, Beverly, MA, Huntsville, AL and Anniston, AL.  For more information visit the company’s website at

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