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Frontier Technology, Inc. Wins $100K MDA Contract


Frontier Technology, Inc. (FTI) announced award of a Missile Defense Agency research contract. This Business Case research effort will apply (DoD) and industry-accepted affordability models/tools with community-accepted data and engineering/simulation evaluations, to assess the long-term, life-cycle affordability of missile defense programs. Where necessary, existing DoD-accepted parametric cost models will be refined or enhanced to ensure they accurately reflect development, production, and operational support costs of the programs including modern ballistic missiles defense, tracking, and sensor systems. The capability will enable senior managers to conduct credible cost and Return-on-Investment estimates for proposed investments. It will also assist senior Missile Defense Agency (MDA) staff in obtaining a system-justification package that will be credible for all levels of DoD and Congressional review. The methodologies and computer tools will be flexible enough to be used by multiple organizations within the DoD and industry and be capable of executing on commercial-off-the-shelf computer workstations.

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