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NormNet® Technical Help:
Phone: (937) 429-3302, ext. 3
Fax: (937) 429-3704
NormNet® Sales, more information or to schedule a demonstration please contact:
Nick Frankle
Phone: (805) 685-6672 ext. 1120 

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 NormNet® Features

  • Operates in embedded processor or off-board computer
  • Interfaces with existing sensors and data sources
  • Detects sensor failures as well as system failures
  • Functions in real-time with sampling rates as small as 125 ms
  • Detects variances from normal operations as small as 2%
  • Forecasts abnormalities with a low rate of false alarms
  • Adapts to changes in operational procedures or data sources
  • Models a single system or multiple systems with same software
  • Outputs graphical displays and interfaces directly to your existing management systems
  • Accessible locally or remotely
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