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How the NormNet® Tool Works

How NormNet WorksInput: The NormNet® tool accepts data from a variety of inputs, including on-line data bases, sensor systems and off-line data storage media. Pre-processors included in the input function ensure that the existing data can be used without modification at its source.

Learn: The NormNet® tool initially enters a learning process where it is “trained” on the characteristics of the system being monitored using data representing normal or expected environmental and operational conditions and derived from system data sources.

Detect:  The NormNet® tool applies statistical methods and pattern recognition techniques using data from all sources to detect abnormalities that, while small, are statistically significant departures from normal and foreshadow potential failures. The algorithms detect extremely small abnormalities (less than 2% variance) while maintaining low false alarm rates (less than 0.5%).

Identify: The NormNet® tool evaluates the values and relationships of the information used to detect the abnormality to perform a “most likely cause” analysis.

The NormNet® tool distributes its results to designated databases, management systems and personnel. Similar to the input element, post-processors ensure the easy distribution of NormNet® tool data to existing logistics and maintenance data repositories.


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