Here at FTI, one of our cultural foundations is Charity, called our 4th C. During this Holiday Season, we took some time to appreciate and give back to the communities around us as we sought to love our neighbors in this our annual Season of Giving.

Our employees across the nation got together to support various charities and give their personal resources and time to make a difference and to actively demonstrate one of our chore values…charity.  FTI functions and believes in the value of giving back to our local communities.

FTI and its employees were able to sponsor and support ten different charities in the regions neighboring our offices.  From helping those in need to assisting our veterans, to helping children’s outreaches we were able to raise and gift over $40,000 in support.  We count it as a great honor and blessing to be able to reach into our local communities, as we look to more ways to give back in 2022.

Pictured below is first a picture from our efforts at our Chesapeake office outreach to the local YMCA for their angel tree program followed by a picture from our efforts in our Beverly Office outreach to the local YMCA for their adopt a family program.