Elements of FTI’s Decision Analysis products can be used to support a broad scope of work

Program Management, Logistics, Engineering, Training, Test and Evaluation, Readiness, Maintenance, Acquisition Support, Affordability, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Data Analysis, Metric Processing and more…

  • LOOM

    Linking Outputs to Outcomes Model


    Logistics Composite Model Analysis Tool Kit

  • PHM

    NormNet® Prognostic Health Management

  • I-SAT®

    Integrated Sensor Analysis Tool

  • ELAPS™

    Extensible Load-Adaptive Processing Service

  • I-CAIV®

    Integrated Cost As an Independent Variable

  • RAE

    Readiness Assessment Engine

  • MPAE™

    Metric Progress Analysis Engine

  • ICE™

    Integrated Cost Estimation

  • I-SWAT

    Integrated Sustainment and Wargaming Analysis Toolkit