About the Airforce Reserve

Since President Harry S. Truman called for the formation of the Air Force Reserve in 1948, it has been a critical part of the nation’s defense. Its mission is to provide combat ready forces to Fly, Fight and Win.

Operating in various locations around the world, the Air Force Reserve has evolved from a “stand by” force for emergencies into a Major Command (MAJCOM) of the Active Duty Air Force.

The Air Force Reserve currently performs about 20 percent of the work of the Air Force, including traditional flying missions and other more specialized missions, such as Weather Reconnaissance (Hurricane Hunters), Modular Aerial Fire Fighting (MAFFs) and Personnel Recovery (Pararescuemen).

The Air Force Reserve is comprised of the 4th Air Force, 10th Air Force and 22nd Air Force. Under those numbered Air Forces are 35 wings, 10 independent groups and various mission support units at:

  • 9 Reserve bases
  • 54 active duty, Joint Reserve and Air National Guard bases
  • 5 miscellaneous locations.

The total membership of the Air Force Reserve is 69,200. Of those, 80 percent are Enlisted and 20 percent are Officers. The Headquarters of the Air Force Reserve is at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. The Command Structure starts with the President of the United States.

Top Command:
The Air Force Reserve ultimately is under the command of the President of the United States as the Commander in Chief. This is a chart of the civilian and military positions that form the hierarchy of the command structure.

This outline represents the primary locations which fall under the control of one of the three numbered Air Forces which make up the Air Force Reserve. These locations may be Air Force Bases, Air Reserve Bases or air stations that could be shared with another branch of the military. There also could be several “tenant units” assigned to different Air Forces at each of these locations.

The 4th Air Force at March Air Reserve Base, California; the 10th Air Force at NAS JRB Ft. Worth, Texas; and the 22nd Air Force at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia, report to Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command. They act as operational headquarters for their subordinate units and provide training; operational, logistical and safety support; and the regional support for geographically separated units.

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