America’s Army Reserve: Who We Are

Want to know more about the Army Reserve? America’s Army Reserve: The most capable, combat-ready, and lethal Federal Reserve force in the history of the Nation.


America’s Army Reserve — the most CAPABLE, COMBAT-READY, and LETHAL Federal Reserve force in the history of the Nation.


America’s Army Reserve generates COMBAT-READY units and Soldiers for the Army and Joint Warfighter that are TRAINED, EQUIPPED, and LETHAL to win our Nation’s wars.

In today’s full-spectrum environment, America’s armed forces must be prepared to quickly respond to capable and sophisticated high-end threats, conduct sustained counterterrorist operations and deter aggression in multiple regions of the world while simultaneously defending the homeland.

As the character of warfare becomes more complex, reserve forces that can survive and win on the battlefield are essential to the Army’s success in winning future wars. America’s Army Reserve is ensuring its ethos and culture are highly focused and able to deliver the most capable, combat-ready and lethal Federal Reserve Force in the history of the nation.

Operating as an Army component and force-providing command, the Army Reserve has a congressionally authorized strength of 199,000 Soldiers, more than 11,000 Civilians, and 2,075 units, residing and operating in every state, five U.S. territories, and 30 countries. The Army Reserve accounts for 20 percent of the Army’s organized units, provides nearly half of the Army’s total maneuver support and makes up a quarter of the Army’s mobilization base expansion capability. Critical capabilities include early opening and set-the-theater units required to rapidly deploy forces, build expeditionary combat power, and sustain a campaign-capble force.

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