Sensor Data

FTI’s supports all phases of sensor program life-cycles, from simulation and modeling, planning, implementation, analysis, system integration and on-orbit operations. We are recognized sensor and space-system experts, with decades of experience, in a wide variety of space-borne systems. Our agile team of scientists and software engineers will work with your program to make it a success.

Sensor Data capabilities include:

  • Sensor calibration, test planning, support and performance characterization
  • Modeling and Simulation: orbital mechanics, astrometrics, sensor phenomenology
  • Image processing and algorithm development.
  • Systems Engineering, including requirements analysis, error trees, trade studies, management and verification.
  • Sensor Simulation and Space Situational Awareness software, technology and capability.
  • Multi-terabyte data management: analysis, system design and implementation.
  • Support for flight system integration, ground system development, and on-orbit operations phases
  • Formal Software engineering process using test driven development and continuous integration
  • Customizable software products and tool sets including: Encompass Star Catalog, I-SAT®, ELAPS® and TelemTrend

FTI has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions, on time and on budget, to our customers.  Our products and services are applicable to a wide range of multi-dimensional data, and our data simulation and visualization techniques, are designed to assist the user in creating analysis products rapidly and accurately.