We are very excited to announce:

Frontier Technology Inc. has been awarded a $553M contract for the maturation, demonstration and proliferation of capability across various Department of Defense (DoD) and government platforms and domains, leveraging open systems design, modern software and algorithm development in support of Office of the Secretary Defense (OSD) and US Services under DoD. This contract leverages Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) technologies and capabilities that provide development and operation of systems across all domains (air, land, sea, space, cyber, and electromagnetic spectrum) in a family of systems that enables capabilities via multiple integrated platforms.”


FTI is very proud to report that 2020 was another outstanding year for the company. Our passion for creating and developing incredible technologies that deliver informed, productive and secure solutions, has enabled us to reach levels of growth way beyond the industry norm. A recent survey showed that the majority of companies in our industry had revenue growth of around 8% this past year.  FTI successfully has seen an average growth rate yearly of 28% since our opening in 1985.

Our staff expanded by over 73% during that same period. Another notable achievement is that FTI crossed over the $1 billion mark since its opening in 1985.

These accomplishments are all due to an incredible legacy left by our Founder and previous employees as well as a visionary Executive Team supported by which we believe to be one of the most talented employee groups in the industry.

FTI is guided by the 4 Cs: Core Values, Commitment, Compassion, and Charity. These values are really critical to our business. The 4 Cs define our culture. Core Values, in a brief deeper definition, are Ethics, Morals, Integrity, Honesty, and Sincerity. These core values drive our culture and our business.  We believe they are more important to FTI than how much the revenue grows in any one year. These bond us together to work as a team, and they help employees make a decision when others are not there to guide them.

Our values and culture drive the employee passion that brings a continued entrepreneurial passion for our customers and for each other, and their constant hard work is the foundation for why it is has taken FTI 30 years to become an overnight success.

FTI was featured in the top ten positions of the Dayton Business Journal’s list of U.S. Department of Defense Contractors ranked by 2020 prime awards which FTI is honored to be listed on.  FTI made a large successful move up in the list this year and we count it as an achievement being rated in the top ten. Click here to view the DBJ list.

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Frontier Technology Inc. has been awarded a $950,000,000 ceiling indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the maturation, demonstration and proliferation of capability across platforms and domains, leveraging open systems design, modern software and algorithm development in order to enable Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2). This contract is part of a multiple award multi-level security effort to provide development and operation of systems as a unified force across all domains (air, land, sea, space, cyber, and electromagnetic spectrum) in an open architecture family of systems that enables capabilities via multiple integrated platforms.  To view the DBJ press release click here.


Our company-wide 4th C Ultimate Step Challenge to support the Alzheimer’s Association started this week! Updates on the challenge and how we are tracking our step Goal will be posted here throughout the week.  Alzheimer’s has no cure and over 60 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s today.  It kills more than breast and prostate cancer combined.  Let’s join together to #EndAlz

FTI’s goal WAS to walk over 10 million steps. Through FTI’s Charity Committee, The 4th C… we will donate $25.00 for every 5,000 steps employee’s walk to the Alzheimer’s Association.

If you would like to join us, you can STILL donate at  2021 The Longest Day: FTI Steps for a Cure | The Longest Day – Help Fight Alzheimer’s on June 20, 2021 .  Below is our FINAL counter and status. We are so excited to announce that not only did we achieve that but blew well past it, with employees walking a total of 19,371,355 steps! Along with employee donations, FTI will be donating a grand total of $101,196.22 to the Alzheimer’s Association! This donation will go towards supporting those with Alzheimer’s disease and will also support research in hopes of one day ending Alzheimer’s

Raising Awareness:

Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia, a general term for memory loss and other cognitive abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life.

Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of aging. The greatest known risk factor is increasing age, and the majority of people with Alzheimer’s are 65 and older.

Alzheimer’s worsens over time. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, where dementia symptoms gradually worsen over a number of years.

Alzheimer’s has no current cure, but treatments for symptoms are available and research continues. Although current Alzheimer’s treatments cannot stop Alzheimer’s from progressing, they can temporarily slow the worsening of dementia symptoms and improve quality of life.

FTI is proud to introduce our newest Board of Directors member, General (Retired) Lester Lyles.

General Lyles is a distinguished retired military officer with 36 years of service in the United States Air Force where he rose to the rank of four-star general. In his last position, he served as Commander, Air Force Materiel Command in the Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio. There, General Lyles was responsible for an 82,000-person organization implementing all U.S. Air Force research, development, acquisition and logistics/sustainment.
From 1999 to 2000, General Lyles was Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force for the Pentagon in Washington DC. As Chief Operating Officer and the second highest-ranking officer for the U.S. Air Force, he was responsible for helping the Chief of Staff manage 750,000 Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve personnel in executing global Air Force missions.

General Lyles’ awards and honors include the 2003 Black Engineer of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award, the General Bernard A. Schriever Award, the Hiram Hadley’s Founder’s Award of Excellence, and the NAACP’s 1994 Roy Wilkins Renown Service Award. Additionally, General Lyles was named “Astronautics Engineer of the Year” in 1999 by the National Space Club and is regularly named among Ebony Magazine’s “100 Most Influential African-Americans in the U.S”. General Lyles has previously served on the Defense Science Board in the Pentagon, the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board in the White House, and the International Security Advisory Board in the State Department . He is currently a member of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. General Lyles Is a member of the National Academy of Engineering where he has chaired the Academy’s Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board. He is the Chairman of NASA’s Advisory Council and he serves on the White House National Space Council’s User Advisory Group under the Office of the Vice President. He has served on the Boards of USAA, General Dynamics, and Battelle. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of KBR.”

We are honored to have him as a part of FTI, welcome to the team Gen.(Ret.) Lyles!

Frontier Technology Inc. has been awarded an $18,838,565 cost-plus-fixed-fee modification to the life cycle decision support contract for support and analysis. Prior to it’s transition to the U.S. Space Force, the U.S. Air Force described “enterprise ground services” as services that are necessary to command and control satellites “while maximizing the implementation of automation, cyber resiliency, and a common user experience.” Work will be performed in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Los Angeles, California. The contract originated with the Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base, El Segundo, Calif. Prior to the transition to the U.S. Space Force, that center was called the “U.S. Air Force’s center of acquisition excellence for acquiring and developing military space systems.” FTI is proud of our team for this exceptional win and is honored to continue to expand our support to the EGS program.

To read more from Dayton Business Journal click here.

This year FTI’s Mike Akhbari was honored at that the Dayton Business Journal, 40 Under 40 event.  We are so honored and pleased to have Mike on our leadership at FTI.

Beginning even before the official start of Mike’s career in the defense industry, he has been a student of business and organizational management philosophy. This began with his first economics course at Archbishop Alter High School and continued with his coursework in Economics and participation in the Organizational Studies program at Denison University, which lead to his internship at Dayton based MTC Technologies prior to graduation. After signing on with MTC full time following graduation, Mike worked his way from an analyst to a supervisory role where he has always maintained a humble employee-focused approach to servant leadership. Mike views it as his role, regardless of level within the organization, to remove obstacles to innovation and project success for his teams, which are typically spread across numerous geographic, demographic, and skill mixes. Mike leads by example, not only when times are good but mainly when challenges occur. He takes on a teacher/mentoring role in the performance of his day to day interaction to the benefit of his diverse team of federal contracting professionals.

Throughout his roles of increased responsibility, Mike has always found ways to boost employee morale and effectiveness from the increased focus on employee health and welfare events, standardizing plans for employee professional development, seeking out means to improve benefits and compensation offerings contractually, to simply being there in the hardest of times for his teams. Since joining FTI, Mike has focused on improving the culture of the Dayton and other offices within his area of responsibility. He has coordinated monthly social events to promote positive coworker relationships and increase communication and collaboration between the diverse departments at FTI’s Dayton Headquarters to the benefit of the staff.

Click here to see all the nominees and read the DBJ article.


Early this year, FTI received the exciting news that we have been nominated and qualified to be a part of the 2020 Dayton Business Journals Best Place to Work.  This year’s event was held virtually on Thursday, August 6th at 12:00 PM EST.  FTI had several individuals attend this event in support of the DBJ and for the representation of FTI.  Last year, FTI was nominated in the BPTW work awards and won in the category of being a Community Supporter.   This was such an honor for FTI to receive this award last year.  Our values as a company are Core Values, Commitment, Compassion, and Charity; and last year’s awards showed our values are in action.

This year it was a double honor to be nominated for the event again. We want to say congrats to all the nominees and winners who were a part of the awards show yesterday!  FTI’s success and nomination are directly related to our great employees who truly make FTI one of the Best Places to Work.

To watch the recording of this virtual event please click here.



FTI’s culture is led by the 4 Cs: Core Values, Commitment, Compassion, and Charity.  Charity is the FTI 4th C, loving your neighbor in times of need, supporting our veterans, and helping children.  During these uncertain times of great need, FTI has made a couple of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have supported local food banks in our office locations, and we have given support to the First Responders through the Troopster organization in Virginia.

Military nonprofit, Troopster, is poised to help America’s COVID-19 front line heroes by sending PPE medical essential kits.
The outreach plans to raise enough contributions to send 50,000 medical kits containing PPE equipment, protein bars, snacks, and other items to Covid-19 caretakers across the country.

For more on how you too can be a part of this effort, click here.

FTI continues to grow and expand its footprint across the United States with various defense customers.  Frontier Technology was recently awarded a $12M contract with the Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific.  This contract is a Phase III Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract for the procurement of airborne systems decision life cycle planning and analysis methods and tools. (FTI’s San Diego’s office pictured above)

This is a great opportunity to expand upon our partnership within the Navy sector while providing new job opportunities in our growing San Diego market.   The services under this contract support wide-ranging initiatives, including information technology capabilities, communications, engineering, analysis, planning, assessment, design, hardware and software, operations, and administration of network and communications systems for NIWCP.

To read more in the Dayton Business Journal click here: http://bizj.us/1q2g3e