Frontier Technology Inc. was honored by being selected as one of three Dayton Business of the Year honorees in the category of Community Supporter. Click here for more on this DBJ announcement. FTI firmly believes in supporting local communities that neighbor our offices. The heartbeat and central driver of our company’s success is our beliefs, expressed in the 4 Cs: Core Values, Commitment, Compassion, and Charity. The 4th C, Charity, is a vital element of FTI’s culture as we seek to “love thy neighbor,” in our local communities. Click here to learn more about 4th C activities and read about the heartbeat of FTI.

FTI’s growth continues with a $47 million SMC contract award. The official Government release was as follows:  “Frontier Technology Inc., Beavercreek, Ohio, has been awarded a $47,246,679 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for supporting the enterprise ground system and defensive cyber operations. This contract award provides for cross-domain solutions, design, integration and rapid delivery team services. Work will be performed in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Beverly, Massachusetts; and Los Angeles, California, and is expected to be completed by July 19, 2024. Fiscal 2019 research and development funds in the amount of $1,876,545 are being obligated at the time of the award. This contract was the result of a sole-source acquisition. Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base, California, is the contracting activity (FA8806-19-C-0004).”

We are proud of the amazing team of employees that supported this great success for FTI. Please visit our career page today to see how you can be a part of this great team!

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FTI was mentioned in the DBJ regarding a recent Navy Award.  We are thankful for FTI’s continued growth and the opportunity to serve our nation’s military. To learn about FTI and our culture, click here.

Official Government Award release:  Frontier Technology Inc., Beavercreek, Ohio, is being awarded a $13,236,204 cost-plus-fixed-fee task order (N63394-19-F-0041) under previously awarded indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract N63394-17-D-0003 for providing enterprise product life cycle management integrated decision environment services. Work will be performed in Washington, District of Columbia (80%); and Chesapeake, Virginia (20%), and is expected to be completed by September 2020. Fiscal 2012 shipbuilding and conversion (Navy); fiscal 2019 operations and maintenance (Navy); and fiscal 2019 research, development, test and evaluation (other defense agencies) funding in the amount of $6,722,842 will be obligated at time of award, and $6,122,842 will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This task order was not competitively procured. In accordance with 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1), this contract was not competitively procured (only one responsible source and no other supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements). The services under this contract cover software development and installation, software configuration management and technical support, software solutions and training. These services are in support of the Affordable System Operation Effectiveness (ASOE) initiatives across the Department of Defense. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division, Port Hueneme, California, is the contracting activity.

FTI’s Dayton office was honored to be a part of the Dayton Business Journal’s Best Places to Work Awards last night. To see the full list of nominees click here.

CONGRATULATIONS! Frontier Technology Inc. has earned the distinction of being named one of 2019’s Best Places to Work in Dayton, Ohio. This is a great accomplishment for the company.  FTI also earned the high honor of being awarded Best Places to Work in California and Virginia.  To learn more about the culture of FTI click here.  To see how you can become a part of the FTI team click here.

A ranking of the Best Places to Work in Dayton, Ohio has been published in the February 2019 issue of Dayton Business Journal.

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In a recent article featured on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base website ( the S&T 18 Wargame Tests were showcased and reported. Frontier Technology had the privilege of being a participant in this ground-breaking effort. The purpose and goal of the effort can be summarized by the following quote from the article: “The games tested the military utility of more than 30 next-generation warfighting capabilities against real-world operational scenarios, with the goal of identifying the concepts that work the best and to provide feedback to improve others with the potential for success.” FTI counts it an honor to serve in efforts such at the S&T 18 Wargame Tests, which continue to equip and modernize warfighter efforts. FTI’s vision is to be the Trusted Source for using Innovation to deliver Informed, Productive & Secure Solutions, and our participating in efforts such as the S&T 18 Wargame Tests is an applicable reality of that vision. (Graphic by Courtesy Graphic).

See more information about the S&T Wargame Test here on the WPAFB website.

In a recent article featured in the Dayton Business Journal, Frontier Technology’s was cited as one of the selected Awardees for the Navy’s $50 billion dollar contract, SeaPort-NxG.

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CONGRATULATIONS! Frontier Technology Inc. has earned the distinction of being named one of 2019’s Best Places to Work in Virginia . This is a great accomplishment for the company.
A ranking of the Best Places to Work in Virginia will be published in the February 2019 issue of Virginia Business.  Be sure to watching in the upcoming weeks, for more on this exciting award for FTI.

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Frontier Technology Inc.In a recent article featured in the Dayton Business Journal, Frontier Technology’s exciting growth was highlighted.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

Exciting news for Frontier Technology Inc.: the company is growing faster than expected.  In March, it was reported the Beavercreek-based tech firm was looking to hire up to 30 people in the next year to 18 months. They’ve already achieved that number, growing from 40 employees to 70 in just seven months.  “Our growth pattern has been very aggressive,” Frontier CEO Ron Shroder told me. “We’ve been very blessed to have the opportunity to grow in this community.”

Read the full article here on the DBJ website.

A recipient of the 2015 Tibbetts Award, Shroder and FTI proudly accepted the honor at the White House this spring.

“FTI’s goal continues to be the use of these decision aid technologies to empower our clients through data driven decisions,” said Shroder after the ceremony. “Our passion aligns with the Congressional intent of the SBIR Program, which is to commercialize these technologies through the use of the sole source Phase III strategies. We hope that our customers’ recent awarding of over one hundred million dollars of Phase III contracts is just the beginning of an aggressive growth period for our company and its employee-owners.”

When the Department of Defense (DoD) needs to analyze a lot of data in a very short period of time, the organization relies on analytical software to help it make the most informed decisions possible. By providing the data-rich DoD and its end customers with software solutions that interact seamlessly with those pools of information, FTI has made a name for itself in the complex realm of engineering analysis.

Logistically, the technology aims to dissect the decisions we make everyday with facets of our left brain and right brain. FTI’s complex tools and algorithms can find patterns in the data that enable users to make informed resolutions that go far beyond “gut feelings.” With massive amounts of data to analyze, FTI realized that people want to get educated before they make a major decision that affects many areas of a DoD organization.

With the goal to provide customized DoD operational and acquisition decision-making software products, FTI began by focusing on its government customers first and foremost. In doing so, the company got its start with the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Programs (SBIR/STTR) in the late 80s, just a few years after it was founded in 1985, and used those programs as a launching pad to commercialize these sought-after, albeit riskier technologies.

“To commercialize SBIR technologies, you often have to show potential customers that the core technology they need has already been paid for through the SBIR Program, and yet it will work for them as well,” explains Ron Shroder, CEO and President of FTI. “That removes the risk for our customers, and often they would be willing to invest additional resources to make it more robust. Once a few customers lined up with investments, FTI soon had a full product suite of these decision aids.” This type of commercialization success was demonstrated as the Army G3/G5/G7 put a Phase III in place to leverage prior investment in logistics and planning by the USAF and the Navy funded the first of several Task Orders.

That product suite includes decision-making aids such as FTI’s Integrated Cost Estimation, or ICETM, which simplifies the process of building system cost estimates and determining the return on investment for a program or technology. ICETM integrates a whole suite of budget and cost assessment tools. Another FTI product, known as NormNet®, enables the DoD to implement condition-based maintenance and other contemporary system maintenance strategies. NormNet® assists operational decision-makers by modeling normal system operations and predicting future performance without requiring physical models or lists of failure modes. FTI’s ELAPS® – Extensible Load-Adaptive Processing System software suite is designed to increase the efficiency of high volume data processing by addressing the core requirements of automation, scalability, and extensibility.

FTI was recently awarded a Phase III contract by the Air Force to support enterprise assessment and resource investment planning and related sustainment and logistics decision processes. As part of this contract, FTI will identify and apply decision support methods and tools resulting from an earlier Phase I and Phase II award to develop capabilities for enterprise-level analyses. These enhanced analytical capabilities will identify and quantify cost-effective improvements, verify operational performance, and guide materiel investment strategies through long-term materiel wargaming.

For its Navy customers, FTI is currently creating an integrated Navy Fuel Efficiency Conservation Dashboard and Optimization System Prototype. The prototype will support a structured comparison of investments in technology, the documentation of the business case, and return on investment of specific technologies. This prototype will be used within the fleet in support of the Navy’s energy efforts, and specifically support energy usage, efficiency, and readiness initiatives. FTI is also characterizing the benefits of the ELAPS® data management architecture to support the Navy’s energy conservation data as part of several Missile Defense Agency (MDA) pilot efforts. This core MDA technology has already been installed at one operational MDA site and has been demonstrated to allow operators to format satellite data in minutes vs hours. Based on the success of these pilot efforts, MDA is planning to award a Phase III SBIR in Sep 2015 to enable multiple services to continue to mature and apply this core data management architecture.

Although the company was founded in California, Shroder and many of FTI’s analysts and developers with rich aviation background sit near Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) in Ohio, where he feels the company has a majority of its initial SBIR roots.

“Ohio is the birthplace of aviation and it has always been an incredibly powerful research and development (R&D) community with people who truly understand the culture of aviation here,” adds Shroder. “There are amazing Government researchers here who see the real benefit of these technologies. We are fortunate to be able to interact with them face to face. We start with their passion, develop solutions, and then adapt them to other organizations because their problems aren’t unique to WPAFB – they impact DoD organizations throughout the country.”

Another key to the company’s success – hiring the right mix of bright, young developers, engineers, and mathematicians (many with Ph.D.’s), as well as retired military personnel. As an employee-owned company, each staff member has a vested interest in helping the company to flourish.