It’s no surprise the economic impact the last year has had on individuals and businesses. But the surprising number that many aren’t aware of is the financial impact on our schools and teachers. Did you know our teachers spend out-of-pocket money on school supplies every year?

A recent study during the 2019/2020 school year showed that teachers spent an average of $745 on school supplies. 45% of teachers surveyed said their spending has increased since distance learning began. School supplies such as home printing items (printer, ink, paper), software for distance learning, new technology for their own homes so they could teach remotely, and classroom consumables (pens, pencils, markers, folders, etc.). In addition to school supplies, 70% of teachers said they have dropped off or mailed items to their students’ homes to keep them engaged during distance learning.

The FTI School Drive ran till Monday, August 23rd.  Each FTI office has identified an underprivileged school or school supporting charity that they would like to support.  The FTI through its charity outreach The 4th C Committee has partnered with each local school and charity to set up an Amazon Wish List  so that you can support the event from the comfort of your home.  It’s as simple as picking items for your cart from the Amazon Wish List, which have been curated based on each of the local charity’s input, and then clicking buy.  We’ve set up the Wish lists so that the items you purchase will ship directly to the charity you selected.  FTI’s goal is to make an impact and difference in these cities by supporting this critical effort which will make a massive difference to those students and teachers in need.  JOIN US.

  1. Participate with a local FTI office by using the Amazon Wish list to purchase items needed at our sponsored school supplies charities.  (see the POC and school charity list below)
  2. Spread the word by sharing this FTI webpage URL on your social media networks, which has all the information on our School Drive campaign.  TBD
  3. Follow FTI on your social media network and share the FTI School Drive updates.

Local Office School Drives

Office School Supplies List?
San Diego Berean Academy
Chesapeake James Monroe
Dayton Crayons to Classroom .
Los Angeles  Johnnie L. Cochran
Beverly LEAP
Huntsville  Lacey’s Springs School
Goleta  Joe Nightingale