THANK YOU, to all who supported this campaign.   T-shirts are being shipped to the address of your order.  Please contact Bonfire, the distributor with issues.  Be sure to send any pictures of your FTI Dayton Strong T-shirts in action to; and keep the awareness going.

About the Campaign: In recent months the Dayton Area has been hit with some devastating tragedies.  This past Memorial Day the Dayton (Miami Valley area) was hit with several tornados that destroyed many businesses and homes.  Then in recent days, the Oregon District in Dayton, Ohio was hit with a horrible act of gun violence taking the lives of many.  FTI stands in support of our local Dayton community and the victims hit by both of these tragedies. A local term for solidarity with the community is “Dayton Strong.”

In an effort to show support for the Dayton Area (click for more information about the 4th C here), FTI is running a T-Shirt campaign, where you can purchase a T-shirt and FTI 4th C will give 100% of that purchase to benefit the victims of these tragedies through the outreaches of Dayton Habitat for Humanity and the Dayton Foundation.

The local chapter of Habitat for Humanity is reaching out to many in the local area who were affected by the Dayton Tornados.  FTI supports Habitat for Humanity. Be assured your purchase will make a difference in the lives of those suffering in the Dayton area.  Kim Nicol the marketing manager for the Habitat for Humanity said, “One hundred percent of the proceeds raised will be used to provide affordable homeownership opportunities for families in the Habitat program and to complete critical repairs for homeowners in Greene and Montgomery counties who are uninsured or underinsured.” Likewise, the Dayton Foundation is reaching out the victims of the Oregon District Shooting and one hundred percent of the donated funds go to helping the victims and their families.

Please give and support those in need.

FTI is “Dayton Strong.”

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