FTI Seaport-e Team Members

FTI Seaport-e Team Members

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his subcontracting plan describes the FTI approach to subcontract management in support of Seaport-e. It describes the subcontractors that are a part of the team, the roles played by each subcontractor and the subcontract management process. FTI will apply the same management policies and procedures that have made the company successful in working as a prime contractor in other government contractors.

FTI has carefully reviewed the capabilities of the subcontractors that were invited to join its Seaport-e team. The selection process included evaluation of technical breadth and capability, performance risk, customer satisfaction and cost. Potential subcontractors were also evaluated on their corporate management approaches and willingness and ability to work within FTI’s proven management approaches and contract cost objectives. They were also reviewed to ensure that they had the accounting, security and personnel management capabilities I place to permit them to function as an effective member of the Seaport-e team.

The subcontractors have been selected based on their ability to complement and enhance FTI’s capabilities in each of the proposed functional areas and zones. Each subcontractor is outstanding from a technology and management perspective and can provide staff in numbers and with the requisite skill sets that ensure responsiveness to the Virtual Syscoms and high customer satisfaction. Teaming agreements with each subcontractor are in place and have been submitted with this proposal.

The FTI team consists of two small businesses, Brandes Associates, Inc. (BAI) and Architecture Technology, Corp. (ATC) and three large businesses Accenture Corporation, and Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH).