FTI has an amazing corporate culture with a rich history and strong charitable outreach called the “Th 4th C.”  Take a look through the videos below about your great culture and then visit the career page to see how you can be a part of the FTI team.


Ron Shroder, CEO, Frontier Technology Inc. ROI Podcast Episode 78

FTI’s CEO / President Ron Shroder was interviewed on ROI’s Into the Corner Office.  ROI’s Into the Corner Office podcast showcases middle market CEO’s leadership stories and dives into the heart of what helps shape dynamic leaders. Our guests share their backgrounds, talk about their early years, and let us behind the scenes to see what helped shape them before they were known for their success in growing, developing, and leading extraordinary middle market companies and teams. Listen as they tell their own middle market executive leadership stories – straight up and right Into the Corner Office.

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