Message From the CEO

Message From the CEO

Ron Shroder

Ron Shroder

FTI CEO / President and Chairman

Welcome to FTI

Whether you are a current or potential customer, teammate, employee, employee family member or shareholder, the current FTI Team appreciates your interest in us. I would like to take this opportunity to give you additional insight into FTI so you can make informed decisions about your potential relationship with FTI. Empowering you to make informed decisions aligns with our Corporate Vision of being the Trusted Source for using Innovation to deliver Informed, Productive, & Secure Solutions. We are passionate about our Services and Products helping our Customers making informed decisions in a manner that will exceed their expectations. We are confident that we can do that via three areas that make us unique.

Why Choose Us?

Our Staff is Incredibly Talented

While some have more community recognition than others (One employee is a member of a team that won a Nobel Prize), the entire staff is just amazing. I am very blessed to work with such talented and inspiring co-workers that form the foundation of our services to the customers. Consider joining us!

Our Products and Technologies are Exciting

Many of these have come from significant investments via the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) culture; they truly empower our customers to feel confident in how their organizations are supported.

Our Customers are Passionate About FTI

In synch with Congressional Intent, some of our clients have provided us an easy path for contracting that makes it very quick and simple to support current and new customers. It is such an honor to now be part of their team.

We do all of this within a culture that is very, very important to us.

As I write this in 2019, those 4Cs have guided us to our 6th consecutive year of 30-95% growth.

It started with our Founder and his belief system that he modeled for so many of us. It is perpetuated by our beliefs, summarized in what we passionately call FTI’s 4Cs: Core Values, Commitment, Compassion and Charity. As I write this in 2019, those 4Cs have guided us to our 6th consecutive year of 30-95% growth. That only happens with incredible employees, technologies, customers, quality, and Teamwork. However, the excitement continues to build since we believe our future is even brighter!

We would be honored if you as a potential customer, employee, teammate or community member would join us or would choose to partner with us as we continue to pursue what we hope is your and our joint passion for success!