Extensible Load-Adaptive Processing System (ELAPS®)

FTI’s ELAPS® software provides an automated data processing solution.

Overview Brochure

ELAPS Overview Brochure
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The ELAPS® software suite design increases the efficiency of high volume data processing by addressing the core requirements of automation, scalability, and extensibility. At the center of the ELAPS® architecture are distributed independent processing services. Extensibility is achieved through the implementation of customized workflows assembled by linking discrete, independently developed, plug-ins together to create highly flexible data processing chains.

The ELAPS® services are uniquely designed to respond to available data in a load-adaptive manner, shown to reduce processing times by 2x to 10x over what can be achieved with statically designed systems. The automated data processing enacted by the ELAPS® software can dramatically reduce the time from data acquisition to analysis and evaluation by eliminating many manual processes. The result is near-immediate access to the information present in generated data, with no need for users to process raw data files directly.

ELAPS® suite can be applied to repetitive multi-step processing of large datasets for such uses as:

  • Electro-optical infrared (EOIR) wide field of view imagery
  • System-of-systems test for Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E)
  • Decoding and calibrating fleet-wide flight recorder data
  • Acoustic data filtering and anomaly detection
  • Health and status telemetry