Integrated Cost As an Independent Variable (I-CAIV®)

FTI’s I-CAIV® software prioritizes readiness initiatives and accomplishes performance vs cost tradeoffs to help the program manager make informed decisions.

Overview Brochure

I-CAIV Overview Brochure

The I-CAIV® process and decision support tool address the challenges of alternative assessment through the application of sound decision-making principles combined with proven assessment methods such as the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Quality Functional Deployment (QFD). The integration of automated decision criteria prioritization and alternative value quantification, participant input rationale capture and archival, and the ability to perform excursion (“what if”) analysis provides an assessment framework that facilitates comprehensive alternative assessments.

I-CAIV® provides the ability to quantify, assess, and compare the merits of various alternatives (architectures, systems, courses of action, etc.) in multiple, user-defined Dimensions such as utility, performance, cost, risk, and schedule impact. Data display and report generation capabilities and combine alternative results in each Dimension to present and interactive multi-dimensional decision space.

I-CAIV® supports decision making within a DoD culture and is tailorable to the product life cycle—from early Lab assessments to justification of weapon system sustainment priorities. It produces quantification of utility, risk, or other user-selected factors based on the alternative’s performance against prioritized decision criteria or measures.