Integrated Sensor Analysis Tool (I-SAT®)

FTI’s I-SAT® processes and automated tools enable analysts to quickly calibrate and characterize multi mega-pixel, multi spectral, instruments.

As the technology behind the production of large array focal planes becomes more advanced and production costs decrease, the need for fast and accurate visualization and analysis software becomes essential to demonstrate performance. Drawing on 35+ years of experience, FTI has designed a comprehensive sensor data visualization and analysis software package that is mission-tested in the arenas of requirements sell-off, customer presentation, and active test support.

FTIs Integrated Sensor Analysis Toolkit (I-SAT®) software is an optimized data visualization, sensor calibration, and performance evaluation package delivering the ability to efficiently perform sensor characterization tasks, including characterization of focus, response uniformity, and pixel non-linearity as well as calculation of calibration coefficients. Full, interactive control over display color scales; pan/zoom options; spatial, temporal, spectral line plots; and histograms make the I-SAT® package a dynamic and essential analysis tool. Many core functions including loading, focus determination, and radiometric correction are parallelized for optimum speed with multi-core processors. FTIs new 64-bit application enables visualization and calibration of gigapixel focal planes. The I-SAT® package can be integrated with FTI’s data management solutions, eliminating searching for files and automating the management of analysis products.

I-SAT® software is designed for characterization, calibration, and performance evaluation of large electro-optical datasets:

  • Wide field of view multispectral imagery from aerial or on-orbit sensors
  • Hyper-temporal imagery framesets
  • Radiometric calibration data collects from ground testing of electro-optical sensors


Overview Brochure

I-SAT® Overview Brochure
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