Integrated Sustainment and Wargaming Analysis Toolkit (ISWAT)

FTI’s ISWAT software is currently comprised of two major components: The ISWAT Configuration Tool and the ISWAT Web Application.

ISWAT Configuration Tool is used to initialize a wargame. Through the Configuration Tool, the wargame facilitator/planner establishes: the Area of Responsibility (AOR), an initial pool of resources, and the baseline flying schedule or mission plan. The mission plan defines the weapon systems (aircraft), weapons loadout, weapons expenditure factors, the takeoff and landing location and the frequency of flights. The Configuration Tool also captures attacks or other injects to the scenario generated either by the adjudication cell or game control. Injects allow the facilitator/planner to impact the wargame to account for enemy actions, weather, human error, etc.

ISWAT Web Application is used to visualize past, current, and projected air and sustainment operations; as well as logistics resources availability and usage. This simpleto- use and visually robust web application is used by all Blue Team players to see the overall state and status of the wargame as it is played out. When needed, Subject Matter Experts (SME), or the facilitator/planner, can drill-down to more detailed levels to identify shortfalls and make necessary adjustments to the mission plan and/or the quantities and the location of logistics resources such as fuel, munitions, spares, and other items of interest.

Overview Brochure

ISWAT Overview Brochure
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