Logistics Composite Model Analysis Toolkit (LCOM ATK)

Investigates reliability, maintainability, availability, and logistics suitability factors to support sustainment planning and trade studies.

Overview Brochure

LCOM-ATK Overview Brochure
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For many years, the Logistics Composite Model (LCOM) Analysis Toolkit (ATK) has been the analytical tool that has provided analysts, planners and managers valuable insight into the logistics requirements and performance of Air Force weapon systems. This logistics modeling and simulation capability provides important operations and support information enabling logistics planners and analysts to design and to improve weapon systems, and their support effectively.

The LCOM ATK tools are managed and distributed by AFLCMC/EZJS with support from FTI. In the latest version, FTI developed an LCOM ATK Integrated Suite that is a single, seamless user interface for all the data conversion programs, graphical input interface, simulation engine, post-processors, output tool and other utilities incorporated in the LCOM simulation system. This integrated suite provides a user-friendly, repeatable, structured, and integrated decision making process. Updates have been made to the Simulation Playback Viewer for this utility to streamline input data and improve performance and display. LCOM ATK 5.0 introduces the Model Builder, which replaces the Forms Editor in the Graphical Network Editor (GNE), provides the ability to import and export LCOM databases in comma separated value (CSV) format, and provides the capability to generate networks (Form 30’s) using network templates and CSV formatted tables.

FTI can provide skilled, highly knowledgeable analysts to conduct assessments on any type system using the highly-credible LCOM ATK simulation or to customize the model for specialized analyses for operations and support planning for new or modified systems. FTI has recently applied the model to support issues related to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the B-52, the Reaper Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and for Army PEO Aviation.