Metric Progress Analysis Engine (MPAE™)

FTIs MPAE™ tool enables effective metrics tracking and reporting to assess progress against established goals.

Overview Brochure

MPAE™ Overview Brochure
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FTI’s MPAE™ provides capability to track progress and understand trends to identify relationships between parameters. Hypothesis testing determines statistical validity of correlations. It displays cost, maintenance, and readiness data in one application. FTI’s proven decision analysis infrastructure and algorithms support the correlation analysis and parameterized trend analysis to provide insights into cross-sector relationships and dependencies.

MPAE™ has been applied to NATO Training Mission –Afghanistan (NTM-A) to assess the progress of the Ministry of Interior Afghan National Police Development effort. The tool has also been applied to Army PEO Aviation maintenance metrics, Air Force Reaper reliability, availability & maintenance metrics, and Navy AN/SPY-1 radar obsolescence trending and prediction.

MPAE™ tool is well suited for metrics tracking and reporting of Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) datasets:

  • Evaluate effectiveness and identify areas for improvement of Casualty Report (CASREP) generation
  • Evaluate current state and effect of possible improvements on 3M Analysis and Reporting processes
  • Display of progress toward Deport Maintenance Management Too (DMMT) update