NormNet® PHM

NormNet® PHM

NormNet® Prognostic Health Management (PHM)

NormNet® PHM technology alerts you to future failures in complex systems before an actual service interruption occurs.

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Combating unplanned outages, increasing system availability and reducing cost of operations is being achieved by maintenance strategies such as CBM that shift timebased scheduled maintenance to preventive and predictive approaches based on evidence of need. These strategies are projected to reduce Total Ownership Cost while enhancing system operations. However, their effective implementation requires the ability to continuously monitor the performance of the system, detect abnormal conditions, diagnose failing components, predict mission impact and recommend remedial action in time to avoid negative mission impact or catastrophic failure.

NormNet® PHM technology provides early warning of future system failures – reducing unplanned outages, increasing availability and reducing maintenance cost.

NormNet® uses data that you already collect. It does not require changes to your sensors, data sources or operational procedures. System abnormal behaviors and future problems are identified by detecting small variances from predicted normal behavior. NormNet® was designed for the dynamic environment of a USAF fighter aircraft. It can process input from multiple sensors in real time while detecting small variances from expected performance with a low rate of false alarms.

With NormNet® PHM technology, an operations staff can:

  • Identify problems and schedule a planned response before an unexpected system failure or catastrophic event.
  • Improve system availability while reducing costs
  • Enable CBM by permitting maintenance to take place based on actual equipment performance characteristics.