Meet the FTI Interns

We are excited to highlight our 14 talented summer interns with personal spotlights that document each of their backgrounds, journeys, and internship experiences thus far. These interns support numerous industries and departments across our organization ranging from Software Development, DevOps, System Engineering, Data Science, and Business Analytics to Technical Writing, HR, and Recruitment Marketing. Our internship program includes our Diversity and Inclusion Internship Program and our STEM-Qualified Candidate Internship Program, each of which offers unique experiences specialized towards each intern’s strengths and areas of interest.

FTI believes that internships are mutually beneficial for both the interns and our growing organization. Through the internship program, interns are allowed to gain valuable experience and make connections in the professional fields they are considering for career paths, while simultaneously allowing our organization to guide and evaluate talent for future full-time career opportunities. FTI also considers the internship program an opportunity for us to give back to the communities we work in by providing interns a chance to learn new skills and obtain real-world experience, hence creating a talented and qualified pool of professionals for the regions and communities we support. It also serves as a viable pathway for us to build strong relationships with colleges and universities by supporting both the academic programs as well as the local Career and Development departments.

We recently experienced our 7th consecutive year of 30-95% growth, and we are excited to see how our internship program contributes to FTI’s continued success in supporting both our customers and our communities.