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Jose Hidalgo Named FTI President

September 8, 2023/by FTI Admin

U.S. DOD Contractors List – Highest Ranking Yet

August 23, 2023/by FTI Admin

Corporate 5K Benefits Starting Strides

June 13, 2023/by FTI Admin

Step Challenge to Alzheimer’s

June 13, 2023/by FTI Admin

May All Be Fed

May 5, 2023/by FTI Admin

Honor Flight Impacts Lives of 82 Veterans

April 29, 2023/by FTI Admin

“Stand Down for Homeless Veteran’s” Event

April 18, 2023/by FTI Admin

Season of Giving Campaign Raises $40K

December 13, 2022/by FTI Admin

“Golden Stache” Raises $30K

October 13, 2022/by FTI Admin

2022 Navy Contract Modification Award

September 21, 2022/by FTI Admin

Back to School Raises $8K

August 13, 2022/by FTI Admin

Step Challenge for Alzheimer’s

June 22, 2022/by FTI Admin

May All Be Fed

May 9, 2022/by FTI Admin

FTI Huntsville, Alabama Office Grand Opening

February 28, 2022/by FTI Admin

2020 DoD Contactors List

September 23, 2021/by FTI Admin

2021 Air Force Contract Award

July 16, 2021/by FTI Admin

Meet the FTI Interns

July 9, 2021/by FTI Admin

FTI Welcomes a New Board Member

September 3, 2020/by FTI Admin

2020 Space Force Contract Award

August 31, 2020/by FTI Admin

2020 Navy Contract Award

March 3, 2020/by FTI Admin

FTI Wins Community Supporter Award

November 8, 2019/by FTI Admin

CEO Speaks at SBA Congress Hearing

October 22, 2019/by FTI Admin

2019 SMC Contract Award

July 24, 2019/by FTI Admin

2019 Navy Contract Award

July 18, 2019/by FTI Admin

2018 S&T Wargames

December 17, 2018/by FTI Admin

2018 SeaPort-NxG Award

December 7, 2018/by FTI Admin

2015 Tibbets Award – SBIR Hall of Fame

September 6, 2015/by FTI Admin