Elements of FTI’s Decision Analysis products can be used to support a broad scope of work

  • Program Management, Logistics, Engineering, Training, Test and Evaluation, Readiness, Maintenance, Acquisition Support, Affordability, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Data Analysis, Metric Processing and more

Below are a few of FTI’s Decision Analysis Tools

  • Logistics Composite Model Analysis Tool Kit (LCOM ATK) – Investigates reliability, maintainability, availability, and logistics suitability factors to support sustainment planning and trade studies
  • Integrated Cost As an Independent Variable (I-CAIV®) – Prioritizes readiness initiatives and accomplishes performance vs cost tradeoffs to help the program manager make informed decisions
  • Integrated Cost Estimation Tool (ICETM) – Estimates Return on Investment (ROI) of future systems, modifications, enhancements, and the cost difference between one alternative and another
  • Linking Outputs to Outcomes Model (LOOM) – Provides a multi-dimensional virtual canvas to support full-cycle assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation, of complex initiatives
  • Metric Progress Analysis Engine (MPAETM) – Identifies network performance metrics and track trends and related changes associated with network projects and enhancements
  • Readiness Assessment Engine (RAE) – Applies an efficient, cost effective beginning-to-end process to plan, perform, and document Multiple Readiness Assessments types
  • NormNet® Prognostic Health Management (PHM) – Provides a patented technology for a PHM capability, allows users to detect abnormalities in complex systems in advance of actual failure
  • Integrated Sensor Analysis Tool (I-SAT®) – Designed for characterization, calibration, and performance evaluation of large electro-optical datasets and active test support
  • Extensible Load-Adaptive Processing Service (ELAPSTM) – Increases the efficiency of high volume data processing by addressing the core requirements of automation, scalability, and extensibility