Integrated Cost Estimation® (ICE)

ICE is a software tool that greatly simplifies the process of building system cost estimates and determining the return on investment (ROI) for a program or technology. ICE is unique to the cost-evaluation community. It combines DoD and NASA accepted cost-analysis models with tools and data that enable users with diverse backgrounds to estimate credibly the ROI of advanced program concepts in quick-turn fashion.

ICE provides:

  • Engineers, planners, and managers with no cost estimating experience the ability to quickly and easily generate credible life-cycle cost estimates.
  • A capability for cost analysts to complement detailed cost models with quick-turn analysis.
  • Cost models and data sources accepted by the Department of Defense financial management community to ensure cost and return on investment methodologies are accepted.

Historically, the Department of Defense evaluated concepts and technologies for military systems based primarily on performance. Now, Air Force and DoD leaders emphasize affordable systems and technologies to increase performance, reduce operating costs, or extend an existing system's operational life. This need to create and field more affordable systems requires a set of tools to assess system life cycle costs quickly and reliably, and to assess affordability, before funding priorities are set by the Weapon System Technology Development Manager.


Integrated Cost Estimation (ICE)

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