Integrated Sensor Analysis Toolkit (I-SAT®)

I-SAT® is an optimized, sensor calibration and performance evaluation package that incorporates a proprietary data visualization component capable of storing and displaying multiple frames of NxM data where the actual dimensions of the data array are dictated solely by hardware constraints.

The visualization component’s load functions are parallelized for maximum speed with multi-core processors and the display functions incorporate an intelligent decimation routine that allows the analyst to view pixel arrays that may exceed the maximum screen resolution. I-SAT® was used in a recent mission to display frames larger than 16 million pixels, but can handle larger formats.

Full, interactive control over display color scales, pan/zoom options, spatial/temporal/spectral line plots and histograms make I-SAT® a dynamic and essential analysis tool.  In addition to the visualization component itself, I-SAT® is a fully-integrated, mission-tested calibration package that can be enhanced to utilize a database structured back-end.