Object Situational Analysis Toolkit (O-SAT )

O-SAT is a Graphical Interface for displaying and analyzing 3D positional and line-of-sight track data. This intuitive, appealing visualization and target scenario analysis tool allows full, interactive control over the 3D environment including rapid pan/zoom/rotate options and color display options.

The computation engine can fuse multiple line-of-sight messages into a single target track solution with reported measurement errors to quantify sensor performance. The user can visualize sensor image data projected onto the Earth’s surface in conjunction with line-of-sight track data, fused track solutions, and positional truth data for full situational analysis. The physics simulation engine projects positional data both forward and backwards in time, allowing the user to create predictive modeling scenarios based on historical mission data. The playback option can be utilized to gain additional insight into sensor behavior and mission success and to prepare exportable movies for presentation of data.

The O-SAT package can be integrated with FTI’s data management solutions to provide automated data processing and storage. It can be run in near real-time or with historical data to provide integrated mission situational awareness.