FTI developed TelemTrend® to address its customers’ needs for robust telemetry data management and rapid display. Historically, large science programs collect an enormous amount of corollary telemetry data. Apart from performance data, telemetry data types such as environmental conditions (component temperatures, chamber pressures, etc.), control parameters (command settings, alarms, etc.) and system measurables (impedance, power draw, etc.) are often stored as a matter of course.

In the event that telemetry needs to be revisited however, the method is usually a painful and time-consuming data mining process through countless separate log files culminated by manual collation in a generic program such as Excel® or MATLAB® software. This method is both inefficient and prone to mistakes. TelemTrend® is a database-enabled, C++-based application that allows the user to plot and analyze time-ordered telemetry data. Additionally, the TelemTrend® tool incorporates many proprietary algorithms that permit a deeper analysis and a richer understanding of features (spikes, trends, etc.) in the data. This product has a proven track record and continues to save our customers analysis time and program money.